[jdev] [MUC] Changing Nickname

Bartosz Małkowski bmalkow at wp.pl
Wed Aug 22 12:18:06 UTC 2012


I have a question about changing nickname by MUC Room occupant, when he is connected from one bareJid to room as few nicknames.

Suppose that we have:
nickname1 (from resources: /resource1, /resource2)
nickname2 (from resource: /resource3)

let /resource1 change nickname to 'nickname2'

I think that MUC can skip inform other occupants about it, but what about inform /resource1?

MUC can't send <presence  type='unavailable' from='nickname1' to='/resource1'>…<status code='303'/>
becuase /resource1 removes 'nickname1' from occupants list (this is wrong, because /resource2 is still known as 'nickname1')

How to inform client that changing nickname is finished? How client should recognize that nickname is changed?

Bartosz Małkowski

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