[jdev] Local history storage

David E. Ammouial da-jdev at weeno.net
Wed Dec 19 07:14:34 UTC 2012


I'm currently switching from Gajim to Empathy (trying it out becomes I'm
discovering GNOME 3), and as a user I'd like to express a wish to client
developers: IMHO, clients should store the chat history at the same place.

Gajim, for instance, has taken interesting steps since its beginning.
Before, everything was stored under $HOME/.gajim and now there's
.local/share/gajim, .config/gajim and .cache/gajim. Such sweetness is a
global naming policy change that modern software tend to respect, so
that there's more consistency (e.g. all local storage goes to .local).

So here, my proposal is to go one step further: I guess .local/share is
called "share" because it's supposed to host shared resources, not one
subdirectory per program. Chat history is a good example: a
.local/share/xmpplogs/ directory would make total sense.

Of course, the exact format would need to be thoughtfully defined, but
does the goal itself sound reasonable?

(I'm well aware of the efforts to store history on server side, but I
think local history will still be around for a while.)


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