[jdev] Presence ACL

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Tue Dec 25 18:22:07 UTC 2012

Hi Dave,

On 12/25/12 19:11, Dave Cridland wrote:
> I have wondered (and I think Matthew Wild may have also wondered about
> this, lest I appear to be stealing his ideas), about mapping <status/>
> and possibly <show/> onto (pseudo) PEP nodes.
> This would mean a couple of things:
> - You could set an ACL for <status/> quite easily, though it'd be very
> much all or nothing.
> - With some handwaving involving collections acting as leaf nodes (pay
> no attention to the man behind the curtain), you could get a situation
> where two differently permissioned child nodes were used to feed a
> single item into the pseudo-leaf pseudo-node (eek!), which resulted into
> different endpoints seeing a different <status/>.
> At least the basic pseudo-node stuff feels generally worthwhile to me,
> and if there's interest I'll try my best to spec it out into a proper XEP.

We are trying to have a component to 'set' the presence of a user in
XMPP. This solves the "transport" scenario were a user on for example
his phone or other client changes presence or status and this value
should be propagated. In this specific case we want to set the status.

Since there is a 'friend view' of the status and an 'admin view' we
would like to go beyond the simple presence scheme. Currently it is not
possible for a component to impersonate a user. Obviously in ejabberd
you could set service_check_from to fake the from address, but sending
an undirected presence isn't propagated by the server. (Something I try
to patch up now).


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