[jdev] Transparent resources and protocol translation

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Dec 27 20:26:59 UTC 2012

Currently a lot of transports are available which provide a subdomain
and a new XMPP "compatible" jid which is build out of
old_protocol_uri at transport_subdomain.

In clients such as Pidgin it is possible to group contacts which have
the same physical identy. Similar to the resource system in XMPP, Pidgin
offers to fallback on a different technology if the user becomes
unavailable on either of the grouped accounts.

Given that this fallback is what we actually want to see happening I
wonder if any thought has been given on "automatic accountgrouping" or
registering a different account as a specific resource of a user. The
latter is currently - to my knowledge - not able to be achieved using
current XEPs other than having a specific transport 'call in' as Jabber
client opposed to being component. Other solutions like proprietary
extensions fake client connectivity.

I would like to hear some thoughts on the goal of registering
transparent accounts, independent of technology. For example:
user at domain/pidgin, user at domain/msn, user at domain/sip.


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