[jdev] is everybody using XMPP without knowing it?

Christoph Heer christoph.heer at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 30 22:13:22 UTC 2012

Hi Winfried,

the full Facebook chat is also implemented on basis of XMPP.


2012/12/30 Winfried Tilanus <winfried at tilanus.com>

> Hi,
> I am preparing a talk on XMPP for the Dutch python users group. I expect
> that many of the people present in the meeting there is using XMPP
> without knowing it. For example many of them might me using google talk,
> without realizing they are using XMPP.
> Do you know of other examples of widely used applications that are
> silently using XMPP?
> If I have a big enough list, I can make a nice introduction of XMPP in
> my presentation.
> thanks a lot!
> Winfried
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