[jdev] Fine permissions tuning for PubSub

Sergey Dobrov binary at jrudevels.org
Mon Jun 25 08:59:24 UTC 2012


I am fine with a possibility to tune permissions per item but there are
some nuances. For example, what if user posts an item to a foreign node
(i.e. node where the user is not an owner). It will be strange to
restrict an access for such item.

I think we should not insert an item configuration form in the <item>
but in <publish>.

On the other hand, I think that it is time to invent new XEP to allow to
implement such protocols as PEP or "Private XML storage" as separate
components. It will facilitate migration from server to server and will
increase speed of implementing new technologies.

On 06/25/2012 03:38 AM, Goffi wrote:
> G'day,
> I need fine permissions tuning for my project ("Salut à Toi"), so after
> using a dirty hack for a year, I have started an other way with a custom
> pubsub service. I've used Idavoll as a basis (Ralph, you really saved my
> life several times, thanks for your work :) ).
> You can have an explanation on my blog:
> http://www.goffi.org/post/2012/06/24/Fine-access-tuning-for-PubSub , and
> the code is available on my repository:
> http://repos.goffi.org/sat_pubsub/ . I'll try it for some time, and if
> there is no issue, I'll propose this to the XSF for standardisation.
> I would be happy to have any feedback on the idea.
> cheers
> Goffi
> PS: I have sub-licensed the code under AGPL v3, but If you want any part
> of the code for Idavoll Ralph, just let me know. I actually don't think
> anything can be interesting for Idavoll (except the psycopg2 patch that
> I've already sent to you).
> PPS: I cross post this to XSF's pubsub and jdev mailing list, as it can
> interest other developpers
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With best regards,
Sergey Dobrov,
XMPP Developer and JRuDevels.org founder.

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