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andy nes andynes83 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 06:52:59 UTC 2012

Intro: I am new to XMPP, so spare me if I ask some noob questions. I have a
list of questions that I want to ask the experts here. I won't club all the
questions in a single mail though. Will post a new mail for each question
to keep the discussions not overlapping each other. Also, spare me if this
is not the right list to post to.

Background: We are developing a tracking service, tracking resources using
mobiles. After doing enough research we concluded that XMPP can be a good
fit for requirements of our service/application. Here are the broad

Real time communication.
Push based communication.
Guaranteed message delivery
Machine to Machine communication
Mobile friendly
always on

Based on the above requirements, we zeroed in on couple of technologies to
choose from and much inclined towards XMPP.

Need: What I need from the experts here is to suggest me if XMPP is the
best way to create a tracking application (Mobile) satisfying the above

Is XMPP good to build a Mobile app?
I know that XML can be verbose, so how does effect the Mobile side of
things where the Internet speeds, connectivity are irregular?

Some advice will really help us build a robust app. Looking forward to some
good suggestions.

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