[jdev] message queuing

Justin Karneges justin at affinix.com
Thu Oct 18 00:38:42 UTC 2012

Hi people,

At my last job we used an XMPP server to route messages among components. This 
was my first time building a multi-node server architecture, after spending 
years as primarily a client developer (though heavily engaged with fellow 
server developers in the XMPP community all that time). Things worked well at 
first, but broke down as the number of dependent components grew and we needed 
functionality like load balancing and high availability of individual XMPP 
components. We first addressed these issues by writing custom XMPP queuing 
behavior code, but then eventually dumped everything for Celery, a non-XMPP-
based job queuing system.

Today I posted an article about how XMPP is often misapplied, or at least can 
easily become misapplied as a service grows. I argue that XMPP makes most 
sense as a public edge interface and not as any kind of core engine:

Of course, if anyone were to build a message queuing solution on top of XMPP 
then this would mostly invalidate my article. But I don't think this has 
happened yet? Also, don't misread this as hate on XMPP. The protocol does what 
it does, and this is a fine thing.

Curious about others' experience in the clustered server space.


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