[jdev] Off-topic: DANE applicability in JP (Re: Securing XMPP)

Yusuke DOI yusuke.doi at toshiba.co.jp
Thu Aug 29 07:47:51 UTC 2013

(Warning: off-topic)

Dear Peter,

(2013-08-29 10:27), Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> And our friends in .jp don't even have DNS SRV support yet!

I asked a question on current situation of .jp to some of my DNS friends. They told me the issue is resolved. Also, they're aware of the issue that a major DNS hosting service does not accept SRV and some other useful RRTYPEs. But even in jp domain one can use one's own DNS server to enable SRV-based discovery as usual :-)
(ah, and SRV is an essential part of EXI alternative transport)

> Hi,
> .jp TLD also supports DNSSEC validation since January 2011.
> So, DNSSEC/DANE can be used technically under .jp TLD, like .se.
> But perhaps you know, you need to choose "DNSSEC-ready" registrar.
> I believe it is the same situation like .se, and other
> DNSSEC-supported TLDs.

Best Regards,


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