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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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On 1/19/13 3:23 AM, Jonas Wielicki wrote:
> On 19.01.2013 00:09, Ludovic BOCQUET wrote:
>> Reminder: I think that Peter has contacted you about Jabber
>> trademark.
> I got curious after your mentioning of it. It might be sensible to
> place the considerations of the jabber trademark more prominently
> on the xmpp.org website. It took me google to find the conditions.
> I'm not sure people would expect the trademark info to be listed
> under About -> The XSF, and even there it's not at a really
> prominent place.
> I'd expect it to be under some legal notes, reachable through the
> footer of every page on the site, maybe also in the FAQ, but
> certainly in the History, where jabber doesn't have the ® mark (I
> guess that you as the holder of the mark are not required to add
> the ®, but it helps people to notice that jabber is in fact a
> trademark).

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for raising this issue. I agree that it would be helpful to
provide more information about "Jabber" vs. "XMPP" (and about the
JABBER trademark) on the xmpp.org website, so I'll add that to my
to-do list.


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