[jdev] Request to list XMPP-FTW on xmpp.org

Steven Lloyd Watkin lloyd at evilprofessor.co.uk
Mon Jul 8 16:16:01 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Now that I'm getting to the point where i'm happy with this project I'd
like to request that XMPP-FTW be added to xmpp.org -however I'm not sure
whether client or libraries is most suitable for it (?).  Also included a
little introduction below for those who haven't come across it yet.

Cheers, Lloyd.

*What is it?*

XMPP-FTW exposes XMPP over a websocket* and allows users to interact using
named 'events' and JSON. The server itself sits between the browser and an
XMPP server and translates messages on-the-fly. Events allow the server to
fill in gaps which allows the JSON messages to only include the parts they

Theoretically it is also able to run in a browser and talk to an XMPP
server over BOSH/websocket but I haven't tried to do this yet.

*Who is it for?*

Web-based developers who would like to create XMPP-powered applications for
the browser but are put off by things like XML, BOSH, and the complexity of
building stanzas.

*Website / Source code*

The project is hosted at https://xmpp-ftw.jit.su with a demo system and
full manual. The source code is all Apache 2.0 licenced and hosted on
github (and available though node.js's NPM).

Its actually broken down into several projects which developer can use as
much or as little of:

   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw  ::: xmpp-ftw  ::: core xmpp
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw  ::: xmpp-ftw-muc
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw   ::: xmpp-ftw-pubsub
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw   ::: xmpp-ftw-disco
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw   ::: xmpp-ftw-demo :::
   packaged demo system
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw-item-parser :::
   xmpp-ftw-item-parser ::: build/parse standard pubsub payloads
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw-superfeedr  :::
   xmpp-ftw-superfeedr  ::: Superfeedr extension
   - https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw-buddycloud  :::
   xmpp-ftw-buddycloud  ::: buddycloud extension (in progress)

* or any other transport you can make compatible

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