[jdev] Implementation of XEP-0033 as a service

Matthieu Rakotojaona matthieu.rakotojaona at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 20:07:29 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement XEP-0033 
(http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0033.html) as a component. Considering 
my jabber domain is domain.tld, my multicast domain would be, say, 

If I read XEP-0033 correctly, all the forwarded messages MUST have 
original client's "from" (a at header1.org/work in the XEP). It is 
explicitely stated in the XEP:

 > A multicast service MUST NOT change the 'from' address on the outer 
stanza. Note that this will limit third-party relaying across 
server-to-server connections as a side-effect.

However, XEP-0114 (http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0114.html), the one 
that specifies how a component connects to a server, says this :

 > All stanzas sent to the server MUST possess a 'from' attribute and a 
'to' attribute, as in the 'jabber:server' namespace. The domain 
identifier portion of the JID contained in the 'from' attribute MUST 
match the hostname of the component.

So, since XEP-0033 says my component shouldn't change the "from", it 
means that I can only use it from the multicast.domain.tld domain... 
This rules works perfectly well if the multicast services lives in the 
server, but it seems to me one cannot create an external component that 
provides this functionality.

Am I missing something ? These rules seem to be impossible to work 
together, is there any way I can develop a XEP-0033 service as an 
external component ?

Matthieu Rakotojaona
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