[jdev] Message Read Receipts

Jon Doyle jdoyle at communigate.com
Thu May 16 08:59:51 UTC 2013

> [JH] I do think another interesting case is where the message is in fact “read” by a agent/bot/program (e.g. service bots or even M2M messaging),  a timestamped receipt request is in fact helpful as there is a temporal difference between the reception, processing and response to a message – would be a real-world case 1 example.

I can see the value, and would propose that really means some "tangible" action must occur for it to be a valid "receipt". No different than in the human world where I sign for an envelope at the front door. I say this because what you are saying is that the "value" here is to show the "forensic" data, that "time-stamp" you mention. It should in fact be the record of when the button was pushed, or the app "signed off" on receipt. It could include a variety of things, the other side can see a display (client side) of "read", but the data around that transaction could be stored as a "receipt" which could be used in a lot of business or forensic applications. All of which in theory could have tremendous value in a variety of usage model cases. 

I think all of us that have used Skype or iMessage know about the challenges of "message receipt" in a multi-cleint scenario. 



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