[jdev] manifesto 0.4

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Thu Nov 7 00:56:15 UTC 2013

Am 06.11.2013 21:58, schrieb Alexander Holler:
> Am 06.11.2013 21:35, schrieb Thijs Alkemade:
>> On 6 nov. 2013, at 21:23, Philipp Hancke <fippo at goodadvice.pages.de> wrote:
>>> Am 06.11.2013 21:02, schrieb Alexander Holler:
>>>> Not exactly the same, but I don't like the part
>>>> "or require cipher suites that enable forward secrecy"
>>>> for the same reason. OpenSSL 1.x isn't around that long, and there are
>>>> still many systems which do use e.g. Debian squeeze. And I assume the
>>>> state of OpenSSL on other "stable" systems like e.g. SLES or RHEL isn't
>>>> much better (but that's just an assumption from me).
>>> DHE/EDH suites have been around at least since 2006 (openssl 0.9.8d is the oldest binary i have access to).
>> http://www.openssl.org/news/changelog.html suggests since as early as 1999.
> But thanks for the hint, maybe I will now look why it isn't enabled. ;)

Already have fixed it, I've had forgotten the DH parameter file and 
haven't had marked it as TODO (as I usually do to not forget such things 
later on):



Thanks again.


Alexander Holler

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