[jdev] TLS Everywhere

Jonas Wielicki xmpp-dev at sotecware.net
Tue Oct 29 16:11:19 UTC 2013

On 28.10.2013 22:24, Dave Cridland wrote:
> So if we're purely aiming at end users wanting IM accounts, then yes,
> Jabber seems to be the obvious choice. I think this document essentially
> aims at server administrators (who apparently use either equally), but I
> suspect that the whole TLS thing would be most useful if it were something
> server admins could brag about to their users; that suggests using the
> Jabber mark.

This is indeed a strange phenomenon. Even amongst the people I
introduced to XMPP, the name “Jabber” is more popular. I think it
related to the fact that XMPP is a four letter acronym, which sounds
technical (especially in DE, where X is a rare letter), while Jabber is
a short word which is somewhat easier to memorize.

I just wanted to throw that in, I take it's not really possible to get
that trademark back, although it is probably the term by which the
network is best known by the end users.


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