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Thijs Alkemade thijs at xnyhps.nl
Wed Oct 30 14:58:08 UTC 2013

On 30 okt. 2013, at 15:53, Tomasz Sterna <tomek at xiaoka.com> wrote:

> Dnia 2013-10-30, śro o godzinie 01:21 +0100, Mathieu Pasquet pisze:
>> Dropping SSLv2 is all good and I’m not even sure why SSLv2 was
>> supported initially (doesn’t xmpp appear after SSLv3 was
>> standardized?), but dropping SSLv3, while also a good idea, might
>> cause issues with lots of servers
> And discouraging TLSv1 in favor of TLSv1.2 when latest OpenSSL does not
> even support TLSv1.1 nor v1.2 is a pie-in-the-sky.

OpenSSL supports TLS 1.2 since 1.0.1 (and I think TLS 1.1 since the same
version), released March 14th, 2012.

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