[jdev] Implementing XEP

Bhagavan Prasad bhagavansprasad at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 12:32:44 UTC 2013


I have requirement in my domain where *Every Jabber client shares with
buddys about the "Movies watched by the client"*.
This information is stored in XMPP Server side and server shares across
with buddys.

This requirements are more or like XEP-0048 - Bookmarks requirements.  With
small changes.

Q1. Does anybody come across these kind of requirements?   Please share me
some links.

Q2.  Where can I get open source code for XEP-00048? Or, I need to
implement by following XEP-48 (RFC).

Q3. Are there any guidelines available to implement any new XEP as part of
Jabber Server

Thanking you in-advance

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