[jdev] XMPP and dev-ops / orchestration hackathon

Simon Tennant simon at buddycloud.com
Thu Aug 21 17:23:51 UTC 2014

Buddycloud is putting together a week long hackathon for developers that
are involved in hosting large-scale XMPP environments.

It's early stages yet, but there seems to be quite a bit of interest from
other teams also dealing with XMPP orchestration challenges.

We'll be covering the following topics:

   - flexible deployment and re-deployment of software using Docker
   - running testing and production environments that are updated from git
   - scaling xmpp servers and components
   - failover strategies
   - centralised logging for audit and debugging purposes

The aim is that we can develop a common hosting platform based on

   - git
   - Kubernets/Mesos
   - Docker

This *should* be useful if you are already running XMPP services and
looking to automate and integrate other codebases.

The event will be in Berlin on 6-11 October.

Please ping me off-list if this is potentially useful for your team.

Simon Tennant | buddycloud.com | +49 17 8545 0880 | office hours:
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