[jdev] ANN: Salut à Toi v0.5.1

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Fri Sep 19 08:23:11 UTC 2014


we have just released Salut à Toi v0.5.1. Salut à Toi (SàT) is an XMPP 
client which is multi-frontends (web, desktop, console, etc) and 
multi-usages (not only instant messaging). We are working a lot with 
PubSub, that's why we have talked about this in the last XMPP Summit, in 

This version focuses on encryption (OTR, HTTPS, passwords encryption), 
and see also many other additions like bookmarks.

You can see the full announcement (with screenshots) here: 

This version is not yet ready for a general audience (we are working to 
have a good microbloging before that), but we are getting closer and closer.


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