[jdev] The `XMPP as a social network` idea

h8h at dev-nu11.de h8h at dev-nu11.de
Sun Feb 8 17:16:10 UTC 2015

Hi there

What happened with the `XMPP as a social network` idea? I would love to 
see a social network build on XMPP soon. There are a few projects yet:
  * Jappix: Runs very well, but its a bit ugly / complicated for new 
users and the theme is outdated (in my opinion) [1].
  * Movim: Not so kick-ass as they described. Crashs very often (on my 
own box) and there is no `easy` option to let (new) user register on my 
own xmpp server [2].
  * Onesocialweb is dead [3].
  * Social Stream: The last commit was at Jun 5, 2014. And its written in 
ruby [4].
  * Buddycloud is nice, but its written in Java and Java has many 
security risks [5].

So is `XMPP as a social network` a misuse of the xmpp `standard` / basic 

Because I'm going to write an open-source social network based on XMPP 
(mostly pubsub). Maybe in a nicer language (i.e. javascript /php (file 
upload and so on) / python (django)  ). It should have an activity flow, 
like Social Stream [4], a Chat (w OTR support), like converse.js [6] and 
thats all for now. It should be very basic and secure and more suitable 
for people with less xmpp experience. That means, simple login / user 
creation, simple posting (w maybe like / dislike) and post reading 
(activity flow), chat w/o otr.

I don't know why the other projects are dead or `not working well` so I 
hope you folks can give me tricks, hints & pitfalls if I should / 
shouldn't launch the new project I mentioned above.

Thanks so far for your thoughts.


Christian Homeyer

[1] https://github.com/jappix/jappix
[2] https://launchpad.net/movim
[3] http://onesocialweb.org/ / https://twitter.com/OneSocialWeb
[4] https://github.com/ging/social_stream/
[5] https://github.com/buddycloud
[6] https://github.com/jcbrand/converse.js

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