[jdev] ANN: ejabberd modules can be coded in Elixir

Mickaël Rémond mremond at process-one.net
Tue Feb 10 18:25:36 UTC 2015


This is not a troll, but I heard at last XMPP summit that *not* everyone
was fond of Erlang syntax.

Those people will be glad to hear that we just added official support
for Elixir in ejabberd.

You can now develop for ejabberd any type of module with Elixir modern
Ruby-inspired syntax. Enjoy !

Code is in ejabberd master branch: https://github.com/processone/ejabberd

It will also be added in ejabberd next official release / package.

You know have a good excuse to write an ejabberd module :)


Mickaël Rémond

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