[jdev] How to communicate between Receiving and Authoritative server

lukas at zauberstuhl.de lukas at zauberstuhl.de
Wed Feb 11 13:27:14 UTC 2015

Hi, I am new and I hope that is the right mailing list for questions 
like this.

According to XEP-0220 the Authoritative-Server receives via a new 
connection `db:verify` and sends a go or no-go back to the 

How can he send the `db:verify` to an other server without having a 
established connection?

According to the RFC a proper XMPP stream is initialized by 
`stream:stream` and `stream:features`. But then we are stuck in a loop 
cause he wants to authenticate again.

I am pretty sure I missed something here. I appreciate any help!


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