[jdev] How to communicate between Receiving and Authoritative server

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Wed Feb 11 14:08:07 UTC 2015

On 11.02.2015 14:27, lukas at zauberstuhl.de wrote:
> Hi, I am new and I hope that is the right mailing list for questions
> like this.

It is the right mailing list. But there is also the
jdev at conference.jabber.org MUC, which is also a good place to ask questions.

Nice to see that someone is working on Vines's s2s support. :)

> According to XEP-0220 the Authoritative-Server receives via a new
> connection `db:verify` and sends a go or no-go back to the
> Receiving-Server.
> How can he send the `db:verify` to an other server without having a
> established connection?

The Receiving Server just established a TCP connection and XMPP stream
to you sending the db:verify. According to XEP-220 § 2.1.2. the
Receiving Server either re-uses an existing XML stream or establishes a
new one. Either way, there is an established connection, the one over
which the Receiving Server send the db:verify to the Authoritative Server.

> According to the RFC a proper XMPP stream is initialized by
> `stream:stream` and `stream:features`. But then we are stuck in a loop
> cause he wants to authenticate again.

You have to distinguish between authenticated and unauthenticated
streams. You can, and in fact have to, exchange dialback elements over
unauthenticated streams. So there is no loop.

Hope this helps.

- Florian

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