[jdev] New C# client released under Boost license

Stefan Karlsson sk at synergysky.com
Thu Jan 29 17:33:14 UTC 2015

Heya. Just released a very minimalistic client in c#.
Its well designed webpage is located at http://deusexmachinae.se/dxmppnet

It's based on the C++ project dxmpp but I havent ported the proper SASL 
mechanisms yet, so only plain works, ie wouldnt recommend it for 
production without enforced TLS/certicate management yet.

But if you are getting tired of jabbernet issues and havent bought a 
license for something better you might wanna give it a test/heads up 
giving me/us reasons to make improvements. Or better off, just 
contribute via github.

Currently i reckon its set to 4.5 framework but since a rewrite today i 
think it might be downgradeable.


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