[jdev] Announcing a new multiplatform XMPP client library

PG Stath pgstath at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 16:40:35 UTC 2015

Dear all,
I would like to announce a new C#, Xamarin compatible, XMPP client
library, *Sharp.Xmpp
*(https://github.com/pgstath/Sharp.Xmpp), available also as a nuget package
at https://www.nuget.org/packages/Sharp.Xmpp/.

Sharp.Xmpp is a fork of the excellent but kind of dormant S22.Xmpp, with
improvements, bug fixes and new features. Sharp.Xmpp is extensively tested
for the *Xamarin Android*, and *native* .Net platforms and offers superb
SOCKS5 support capabilities.

Release notes are available at

Like S22.Xmpp the license of Sharp.Xmpp is MIT, so you can use it in both
open source and proprietary sw projects.

Since there are not so many options of C# developers for open source C#
XMPP libraries, and the S22.Xmpp seems kind of dormant, I hope this is a
welcomed addition to the options available to C# developers.

In the development roadmap next priorities are OTR support and direct
bytestream file transfers on Android and native .Net without a SOCKS5

You can use the github page for any bugs, issues or requests.

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