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Ravish Aggarwal ravish.aggarwal at gmail.com
Thu May 7 12:24:13 UTC 2015

Hi Jdev,

Thanks for the adding me.

I have few queries related to XMPP stuff.
I am using JSO library in my sample code to support with different XMPP UC
systems ,like Openfire, Cisco etc. ( like to do streaming process and
exchanging presence and message )

however my query is does this JSO library support the latest XMPP RFC 6120
and 6121
and does your site provides any vulnerability/secuirty alerts support for
the same. as i can saw that the library is not updated since long time.

Jabber Stream Objects (JSO)JavaWebsite <http://java.net/projects/jso/>

Requesting you to please help in providing the information for the above


Ravish Aggarwal

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Ravish Aggarwal.
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