[jdev] How to make open communication with Jabber more popular

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Wed Apr 13 18:20:55 UTC 2016

W dniu 13.04.2016, śro o godzinie 18∶57 +0200, użytkownik Arno Welzel
> Well - you don't need to create any account using a username/password
> and you don't need to know the account names of your friends [...]
> How to achieve the same goal with XMPP/Jabber?

So, basically what you want is:

1) Automated onboarding.
2) Way to match your existing contact lists to XMPP accounts.

AD 1) This is a touchy subject.
Discussed many times with no good solution AFAIR.
Made even worse with recent IM-SPAM outbreak and a push to disable in-
band registration.

AD 2) Fortunately finding friends is easy.
Buddycloud guys thaught of it long time ago and came up with
friend-finder service. It even has a free, working implementation:
It allows matching not only by telephone number, but also email,
twitter, skype, SIP, postal addres, etc. Whatever you wish basically.

Unfortunately it is not that popular... :-(

smoku @ http://abadcafe.pl/ @ http://xiaoka.com/

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