[jdev] Arbitrary data streams in XMPP (Purpose: Desktop Screen Sharing)

Niklas Andersson niklas.andersson at openforce.se
Fri Feb 12 12:04:25 UTC 2016


  We have implemented support for fully Lync-compatible Desktop Screen 
Sharing in Pidgin SIPE by funding the FreeRDP-project and made 
everything Open Source.

  You can actually see how it works quite easily on your local network 
by git-cloning and compiling FreeRDP MASTER [1], starting up the FreeRDP 
server-binary on one of your host, and then connect the FreeRDP-client 
on another host to your socket and watch the shared screen. It is very 
high quality.

  Now I wonder if there are some suitable spec for taking our stuff to 
XMPP? The session is very similar to how File Transfer works, and I know 
there is a XMPP-spec for that. Is there a spec for sending arbitrary 
data? In order to make this work we had to add something called "x-data 
raw" to the Farstream library, in order for the library to be able to 
handle other stuff than just pure audio and video. I guess I am looking 
for something similar applied to the XMPP-world.

  I really think that getting nice and crisp (and fully open source) 
Desktop Screen Sharing would be a highly appreciated feature.

  What are your thoughts/comments/questions?

[1] https://github.com/FreeRDP/FreeRDP

Best regards,

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