[jdev] Arbitrary data streams in XMPP (Purpose: Desktop Screen Sharing)

Niklas Andersson niklas.andersson at openforce.se
Fri Feb 12 12:42:07 UTC 2016

Thanks a lot Florian,

  What you write sounds familiar. We had to make some contributions to 
the libnice-library as well. MS-TURN for TCP amongst other things.

  So it sounds like XEP-0176 Jingle ICE-UDP might be a good candidate.

  And yes, it is not easy, but it sounds very promising that the 
necessary building blocks are already in place in XMPP :-) So I guess we 
should be able to work on the implementation then.

  I have proposed this as a feature in the Pidgin-project as a GSOC 2016.


On 12/02/16 13:33, Florian Schmaus wrote:
>   fallback to (multipl

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