[jdev] R: How do I know when a MUC server restarts?

Marco Cirillo maranda at lightwitch.org
Thu Mar 3 16:30:22 UTC 2016

Il 03/03/2016 15:24, Stephen Paul Weber ha scritto:
> Somebody claiming to be Marco Cirillo wrote:
>> Usually when a MUC component shutsdown it should broadcast unavailable
>> presence to muc occupants containing status code 332, and afair 
>> Prosody implementation should do that.
> I log every stanza I receive, and I see no PresenceUnavailable stanzas 
> at the time, and no 332 codes ever.
> Maybe the whole server was restarted (OS and all) and there wasn't 
> time to get all such messages out?  and yet my clients in the same MUC 
> figured it out

Sorry mistakingly didn't reply to the list,
And yes that's indeedly a possibility the server/component process may 
exit before all stanzas are routed to remote entities. Although 
otherwise that's a way to figure a muc component is shutting down ( see: 
http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#registrar-statuscodes ).

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