[jdev] tickets and merge requests bases on XMPP

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Tue Dec 5 12:11:37 UTC 2017

Le mardi 5 décembre 2017, 12:40:31 CET Dave Cridland a écrit :
> This is great. I've been thinking that building a federated issue tracker
> on top of MIX would be great - since a ticket tend to spawn discussions
> - but this is a great start and in the absence of MIX we should document
> this.

Hey thanks. Yes thinking also about MIX, but anyway it's pubsub so it can 
be integrated later

> Some things you might not have considered:
> * Tickets are often linked, especially between layers. A UI might link to
> a library issue, a client issue might link to a server issue, and so on.
> I've not looked to see if you've considered this, but a federating issue
> link is an amazing idea.

You can link tickets using either the http address (e.g. https://
bugs.goffi.org/bugs/view/215) or the xmpp: URI (e.g. 
xmpp:pubsub.goffi.org?;node=org.salut-a-toi.tickets%3A0;item=215). I'll put 
a <meta> tag with xmpp uri in HTML page soon, live I've done with blog on 
www.goffi.org .

> * Tickets sometimes have privacy or security concerns - we should really
> tidy up XEP-0314, but that's perfect for this approach - just marking a
> ticket or a comment on it, as being security-sensitive would be very
> useful.

Haven't check security labels yet but definitely an option. There are 
aleready access model to use whitelist for instance, and I have end 2 end 
encryption in mind.

> * You might want to look at XEP-0346 (if I recall it right -
> Forms Distribution Protocol) for raising tickets. I think that ought to
> align well.

Oh I've missed XEP-0346, it looks like the node schema I've implemented, 
need to investigate.

Thanks for feedback.

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