[jdev] XMPP Software Developers: Action Required

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Thu Mar 23 19:39:51 UTC 2017

OK, thanks for the answers.

Also while we are talking about projects, a list of components is really 
missing, there are a bunch of active gateways (spectrum2, biboumi), or stuff 
like our PEP/Pubsub component.

Le jeudi 23 mars 2017, 18:12:53 CET Georg Lukas a écrit :
> * Goffi <goffi at goffi.org> [2017-03-23 16:24]:
> > Will we have a reminder before the deadline? I'm pretty sure I'll forget.
> Currently there is no automatic reminder process. I'm not sure if it
> would be a good idea or not. It might encourage developers to reapply
> out of a habit, despite having an outdated and unmaintained software.
> Also there is no infrastructure for this in place yet.
> > Also is the deadline the same for everybody (1st of May every year), or is
> > it subscription date + 1 year?
> The deadline is `last_renewed` + 13 months for each entry, so it is
> possible to have acyclic projects. Of course you can just bump the
> timestamp on all projects you maintain at the same time to reduce the
> hassle.
> Georg

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