[jdev] The meaning of 'do not disturb'

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 15:14:09 UTC 2018

As raised by Georg in another thread, I'm curious how clients are
handling the 'do not disturb' status today.

There are two approaches:

  1) DND means "please don't send me a message unless it is important,
as it will disturb me"

  2) DND means "my client may not notify me about your message, as I
have asked it not to disturb me"

I suspect most clients today implement (1). However this makes it
difficult to implement a sane way to send someone an unimportant
message. Other systems allow you to message people who are DND/busy
without notifying them (although they may allow the user to manually
override this and cause a notification on the receiving side).

I feel like we could achieve the same behaviour if clients set to DND
disabled notifications by default, except (optionally) if some
explicit trigger (such as https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0224.html )
is used by the sender.

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