[jdev] Registering / searching features

Daniel Gaspary dgaspary at gmail.com
Tue May 22 14:35:05 UTC 2018


   Is there a way to a Service provider to register/announce it has a
functionality ?

   And a client to search for this functionality ?

   Let's say I have a backup system based on ibb(xep 47).I want to
offer multiple "Storage providers".

   When a new client enters the network, is there a way to this client
to ask to the server for all providers of "ibb", beyond polling with

   This client has to have previous knowledge about all the ibb providers ?

   And when a new "Storage provider" join the network? Is there a way
to it announce itself, to "offer" its services to all clients?

   Sorry for my broken English and wether a XEP cover that I would
appreciate someone pointing it.

     Best Regards,


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