[jdev] [ANN] slixmpp 1.4.2 released

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot linkmauve at linkmauve.fr
Thu Jan 31 15:09:54 UTC 2019


We are pleased to announce the 1.4.2 release of slixmpp!

It is a bugfix release, mainly fixing performance and security issues,
here is the changelog:
- Do not do channel binding without TLS.
- Add default timeout of 120s for IQs to prevent slowdowns over
  long-running sessions.
- Fix CVE-2019-1000021: make the XEP-0223 plugin actually make the node
- Do not query vcard avatars unconditionnally, to improve startup time
  of clients.
- Fix GSSAPI (thanks Jelmer Vernooij!)

Note that the current upstream is now available on louiz’ GitLab:

The slixmpp authors
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