[Juser] Server?

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Tue Aug 6 07:35:24 CDT 2002

> Guzze said:
> >> The server i use has dissapeared. Anyone reccomend one? I kinda need
> >> with a working ICQ transport.
> > amessage.de is working good for me.
> I grabbed a random one and strangely enough that was it. Seems good so
> far.
> Now to find a client that doesn't make me want to punch the monitor.

If you are used to ICQ, you could try Yabber (http://www.yabber.org)  It's
loosely based on the ICQ interface, so it might suite you.  We are trying to
cut down on the amount of monitor punching out there in the Jabber community

It's still in alpha, but (hopefully) stable enough to use.  If there are
features you would like to see, things that bug ya or any other
bugs/suggestions/etc, post them to the forums at yabber.org or email me, and
I'll consider getting them added.


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