Explicit vs. Implicit Initiation [was Re: [Juser] FYI]

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Fri Aug 30 12:15:31 CDT 2002

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>Yeah, cool, huh? I posted that news here:
This is interesting...the post on jabbercentral requires an effort on my 
part to go to that website every day. The mailing list sends messages 
automatically...the classic pull vs push. The website is based on pull, 
and the mailinglist is using push. It appears that when it comes to push 
vs. pull, the information is not as important as the initiation method. 
I should know. I did my Ph.D on this ;-) 
It is also interesting how the initiation method ties into how presence 
works. Implicit vs. Explicit supposedly makes all the difference.


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>Peter Saint-Andre
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