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Jim Arnold jarnold at knightridder.com
Wed Dec 4 22:59:33 CST 2002


I posted the message below to the jadmin list and didn't get any help... :(
Maybe I need to break it up to be more manageable.


>As mentioned, the JADMIN list is the best place for this message. Lots of
>folks are running jabberd on *BSD so there might be something small that
>you're missing. You can sign up for the JADMIN list here:
>Peter Saint-Andre
>Jabber Software Foundation
>On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Jim Arnold wrote:
>>  Hello!
>>  I've been playing with Jabber in hopes of moving our company off of
>>  Yahoo IM. Over the past few days I've been playing with the Jabber
>>  server installed on a FreeBSD 4.7 stable box behind our firewall. My
>>  first impression is that Jabber clients have a *long* way to go. The
>>  server was pretty easy to set up. But I do have a few questions....
>>  FreeBSD runs jabberd out of a file in rc.d. I changed the HOSTNAME
>>  variable in that file to, the dummy IP assigned to that
>>  box behind our firewall.
>>  The note on the jabber.xml file states:
>>  "Currently on FreeBSD jabberd is started with the -h option from
>>  /usr/local/etc/rc.d/jabberd.sh.  You'll need to modify this before
>>  changing below."
>>  OK, that's a little vague.... After playing around I came up with
>>  this for that line in jabberd.sh. :
>>  su -f -m ${USER} -c "jabberd -B ${HOSTNAME} -c ${PREFIX}/etc/jabber.xml" ;;
>>  I then went through the Jabber Admin Guide successfully, setting up a
>>  few test accounts from the telnet session on the box and a few via a
>>  Jabber client on my OS X box on the network.
>>  My first huge glitch came while trying to chat with myself. I fired
>>  up Exodus on a windoze box and TVJab on the Mac. Everything I sent to
>>  the Mac from the Windows box showed up fine in a chat window.
>>  Anything I sent back to the Windows box in response would not appear
>>  on the Windows box in Exodus.
>>  I tried the same thing at home the night before on the same type of
>>  setup. The jabber server was set up and running on a FreeBSD box.
>>  That same box was installed with the PSI jabber client. The mac was
>>  using JabberFOX or Nitro. This time anything I sent to the FreeBSD
>>  jabber client from the mac would not show up. Anything I sent from
>>  the FreeBSD box to the mac jabber client(s) would show up perfectly.
>>  What is going on? This doesn't exactly boost my confidence.
>>  Next I would like to get this working from behind the firewall out to
>>  the net. The docs mentions this:
>>  <host>internal-jabber-hostname<host><host>external-nat-hostname<host>
>>  shouldn't there be a slash (/) in the second set of host 
>>parameters like this?
>>  <host>internal-jabber-hostname</host><host>external-nat-hostname</host>
>>  The box I would run this on does not have a FQDN, just an IP number.
>>  Assuming I open the firewall correctly, would I set it up like this:?
>>  <host></host><host></host>
>>  Would I have to change anything else in jabber.xml? If I add the
>>  above line I get this error:
>>  hogan# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/jabberd.sh start
>> not found
>>    jabberd hogan# 20021122T22:57:09: [notice] (-internal): 
>>initializing server
>>  On my firewall I am forwarding packets for 5222 to the box.
>>  Thanks for any help or insights you can provide. I'm not find much 
>>help online.
>>  Regards,
>>  Jim
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