[Juser] Just started

Ed Smith - PTS Sun One Manager ed.smith at sun.com
Tue Nov 12 01:58:44 CST 2002

    I just started using jabber for IM on all my systems; pc (home) 
laptop (everywhere) and solaris sunray (work).

As clients, I use jajc on pc and laptop / psi client on solaris.  The 
problem only happens on the laptop/pc useage.  I have tried other 
clients (exodus).  The problem appears as someone will start a chat 
session and expects me to respond..I do but they never receive the 
response.  I can send them a message which they recieve but any chat 
dialog is a one way conversation.

Has anyone seen or heard of this before.  I am going thru a server set 
up within Sun firewall and use an agent ot go to other account AOL and 

Ed Smith
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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