[Juser] Jabber server and client foo

Jim Arnold jarnold at knightridder.com
Fri Nov 22 23:33:04 CST 2002


I've been playing with Jabber in hopes of moving our company off of 
Yahoo IM. Over the past few days I've been playing with the Jabber 
server installed on a FreeBSD 4.7 stable box behind our firewall. My 
first impression is that Jabber clients have a *long* way to go. The 
server was pretty easy to set up. But I do have a few questions....

FreeBSD runs jabberd out of a file in rc.d. I changed the HOSTNAME 
variable in that file to, the dummy IP assigned to that 
box behind our firewall.

The note on the jabber.xml file states:

"Currently on FreeBSD jabberd is started with the -h option from 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/jabberd.sh.  You'll need to modify this before 
changing below."

OK, that's a little vague.... After playing around I came up with 
this for that line in jabberd.sh. :
su -f -m ${USER} -c "jabberd -B ${HOSTNAME} -c ${PREFIX}/etc/jabber.xml" ;;

I then went through the Jabber Admin Guide successfully, setting up a 
few test accounts from the telnet session on the box and a few via a 
Jabber client on my OS X box on the network.

My first huge glitch came while trying to chat with myself. I fired 
up Exodus on a windoze box and TVJab on the Mac. Everything I sent to 
the Mac from the Windows box showed up fine in a chat window. 
Anything I sent back to the Windows box in response would not appear 
on the Windows box in Exodus.

I tried the same thing at home the night before on the same type of 
setup. The jabber server was set up and running on a FreeBSD box. 
That same box was installed with the PSI jabber client. The mac was 
using JabberFOX or Nitro. This time anything I sent to the FreeBSD 
jabber client from the mac would not show up. Anything I sent from 
the FreeBSD box to the mac jabber client(s) would show up perfectly.

What is going on? This doesn't exactly boost my confidence.

Next I would like to get this working from behind the firewall out to 
the net. The docs mentions this:

shouldn't there be a slash (/) in the second set of host parameters like this?

The box I would run this on does not have a FQDN, just an IP number. 
Assuming I open the firewall correctly, would I set it up like this:?
Would I have to change anything else in jabber.xml? If I add the 
above line I get this error:

hogan# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/jabberd.sh start not found
  jabberd hogan# 20021122T22:57:09: [notice] (-internal): initializing server

On my firewall I am forwarding packets for 5222 to the box.

Thanks for any help or insights you can provide. I'm not find much help online.


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