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Miernik miernik at ctnet.pl
Fri Apr 4 01:18:07 CST 2003

In article <20021107060446.GA4081 at agaeris.threea.hub>, Jeremy Nickurak wrote:

> is the apparant lack of an ability to import server-side icq2002 
> contacts.

When I registered with icq transport at jabber.gda.pl server, all my 
ICQ contacts got automagically imported into Gabber. I think the 
gateway ICQ transport got it from the ICQ server where they where 

I think it depends on the ICQ transport software installed on the 
Jabber server. I tried registering with different Jabber server's ICQ 
transports, and some of them imported my ICQ contact list, but some of 
them didn't.

These severs imported my ICQ contact list (I provide the version of 
Jabber daemon, and the version of ICQ transport):

jabber.gda.pl	Jabberd 0.1.1/ICQ 1.1.1
histeria.pl	Jabberd 0.1.1/ICQ 1.1.4
jabber.wp.pl	Jabberd 0.1.1/ICQ 1.1.5

And these didn't:


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