[Juser] Missing Smily's and Smily Menu in JAJC

allie_M aliM at landscreek.net
Wed Jul 9 15:28:19 CDT 2003

Ken Wermann wrote:

> I setup a user with the current stable release of JAJC. Well it works great
> except that there are no smiley faces in the chat window to choose from. If
> someone sends a smiley, it comes out as text such as :-). 

That is very likely occurring because you didn't select a smiley
emoticon set for use.

Go into the main preferences and then to the 'Look and Feel' tab.

Is there any smiles set defined? If not then hit the browse button to
the right of the smiles set input field. You'll be taken to the folder
containing jajc.jisp . Select that file.

You should now be OK.

   -=] allie_M [=-

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