[Juser] How to connect to MSN, ICQ, Yahoo etc. using Exodus client

allie_M aliM at landscreek.net
Sun Jul 27 07:02:37 CDT 2003

Phil Reynolds wrote:

> I use AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo!, all through Jabber.

Same here.

I don't use Exodus either. I use JAJC and in that one, there's a
'Register Service' menu item. After you've signed up to a Jabber network
and logged in, you can then register services such as ICQ and MSN.

One thing that bugs me is Yahoo!. I very often have problems connecting
via the Yahoo! gateway server. I usually see this red exclamation sign
beside the Yahoo! connection indicator icon with the pop up hint saying
'internal server error'.

I'm not sure what triggers the problem so that I can avoid it.

Is it excessive logouts and logins over a particular period?

Is it loging into the Yahoo mail or Yahoogroups servers while logged
into Yahoo chat the cause?

Anyone have the problem and see the pattern?

   -=] allie_M [=-

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