[Juser] How to connect to MSN, ICQ, Yahoo etc. using Exodus client

allie_M aliM at landscreek.net
Sun Jul 27 07:57:01 CDT 2003

Phil Reynolds wrote:

> I have found this with all the services at times.

The MSN and ICQ gateways have been stellar. No problems since I've been
using them. However, the Yahoo gateway, for some time now is more often
than not, inaccessible.

> No, I think you are just being unlucky enough to catch your Yahoo!
> gateway off-line.

I don't think so because I have a chat buddy who uses the same gateway
and was connected at the same time that I wasn't.

>> Is it loging into the Yahoo mail or Yahoogroups servers while logged
>> into Yahoo chat the cause?

> No... I do that lots!


>> Anyone have the problem and see the pattern?

> I have changed gateway several times... I only bother now when one
> stays off every time I try to use it for at least two days.

This one just came back after almost a week of my not being connected.

> I run ymessenger, ayttm or Trillian to get round the lack of access
> for a day or two.

Ok. That's an idea. I do have Trillian installed.
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