[Juser] most "cool" use of jabber presence?

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Sun Mar 2 14:52:37 CST 2003

Marshall Rose wrote:

>hi. can someone point me at an archive or a discussion or something about anyone
>doing "cool stuff" with the jabber presence mechanism. i've got an idea for a
>few things, but i'd rather educate myself before re-inventing the wheel.
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>Juser at jabber.org
I found interesting examples in the "Programming Jabber" book. It has 
one neat application that ties presence to a light sensor on a Lego 
Mindstorm module. When the light goes up beyond a particular level, the 
lego unit sends a readout to an infrared receiver, which then passes it 
on to a laptop running Perl. The perl app running on the laptop (or 
desktop. Mine is a laptop that talks to the network via Wifi) sends the 
"presence" via a jabber client. Your buddy list shows the messages as 
presence, etc.

All examples are available athttp://examples.oreilly.com/jabber/


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