[Juser] most "cool" use of jabber presence?

Andrew Libby alibby at commnav.com
Sun Mar 2 15:07:28 CST 2003

Marshall and all,

I think this is a great topic for discussion.  At CommNav, I'm brainstorming
on things we can do with the concept of Jabber presence in our web 
portal product.  I too am interested in what people are doing with presence.
I'm also interested in the lessons learned.  For example, how would one
go about adopting the concept of presence (or knowledge of presence)
in a web product?

I'm inclined to believe that logging into the jabber server, pulling the roster,
and querying presence for each person in the roster for each portal page hit
is probably a bad idea.  Anyone have insights or experiences doing things
like this?

Thanks for brining this up Marshall!


On Sat, 1 Mar 2003 19:42:45 -0800, Marshall Rose wrote:
> hi. can someone point me at an archive or a discussion or something about anyone
> doing "cool stuff" with the jabber presence mechanism. i've got an idea for a
> few things, but i'd rather educate myself before re-inventing the wheel.
> thanks!
> /mtr
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