[Juser] most "cool" use of jabber presence?

Marshall Rose mrose+internet.jabber.users at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Fri Mar 28 17:32:29 CST 2003

> <shamelessplug>
> On displaying presences in ways less boring than the roster list, look at the
> Jabber World Map http://ralphm.net/world and the Jabber Fish Tank
> http://ralphm.net/
> </shamelessplug>

yes, both very cool. hey, are you guy who wrote the "georoster" plugin
for tkabber? (same basic ideas as the world map).
now here's another question: anyone ever think about trying to build the
"roster web", e.g., draw a graph where the nodes are jids and the edges
correspond to roster relationships...

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