[Juser] patch to add support for jabber messages to python2.3 logging module

gian paolo ciceri gp.ciceri at suddenthinks.com
Thu Oct 2 01:25:10 CDT 2003

Hello all,
I've done a little patch for python 2.3 to send logging events 
notification as jabber messages. 

Yesterday I've posted the announce to jabber.admin group, but
the right one is this, jabber.user: so this should be not
seen as a crosspost :-) .

It's rather untested, but perhaps it's already useful.

You'll find it at http://pyhacks.suddenthinks.com/

Any comment will be appreciated, as usual.

gian paolo ciceri - japanman
suddenthinks, excellence through refactoring
++39 340 7218101
gp.ciceri at acm.org
gp.ciceri at suddenthinks.com

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