[Juser] unable to create new jabber account

Cloids cloids17 at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 13 11:25:31 CDT 2003

I have downloaded Gnone Jabber.  Installed it fine. My main reason for
using Gnone-Jabber is to communicate with MSN Messenger users.  When I
try to create a new Jabber account, from the menu Jabber >  Register New
Account, I provide all the details but when I click Okay, it just stays
there.  There is no internet activity.  I left it like that for 10 min. 
Nada nothing!  I tried this several times using different public servers.
 But nada!

Any suggestions on how I can create a new account?
  cloids17 at fastmail.fm

http://www.fastmail.fm - IMAP accessible web-mail

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