[Juser] Re: Gabber problems IPv6 again

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Oct 15 08:44:58 CDT 2003

Hi Laura!

Laura Baño schrieb am 2003-10-15 14:12:34:
> The error message is:
> Error de transmisión. Desconectado: Couldn't Resolve Hostname.
> I hope you could help me and tell me what it could be.

If you get the message "Couldn't Resolve Hostname." this is no problem
of Gabber itself, but the "operating system" (the resolver) was not able
to get an IPv6 or IPv4 record for the domain you try to connect.

If the hostname is IPv6 only, you may also check that your resolver is
configured to resolve to IPv6 hosts too. Especially as some linux
distributions disable IPv6 resolving by default.

Tot kijk

BTW: The Message IDs you are generating in your mails are invalid.

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